Terms of Service

This page covers the Terms of Service (Terms) of the TEMPBOTS Studio bots/homepage

By inviting the bot and using its features (commands) are you agreeing to the below mentioned Terms and Privacy Policy (Policy) of the bot.

You acknowledge that you have the right to use the bot freely on any Discord Server (Server) you share with it, that you can invite it to any Server that you have "Manage Server" rights for and that this right might get revoked for you, if you're confirmed to break either these terms or the Terms of Service and/or Community Guidelines of Discord Inc.

Through Inviting the bot may it collect specific data as described in its ./policy.html (Linked below). The intended usage of this data is for core functionalities of the bot such as command handling and guild-specific settings.

Intended Age
The bot may not be used by individuals under the minimal age described in Discord's Terms of Service. Features, many commands are "NSFW" may not be used by individuals under the age of maturity in their country.

TEMPBOTS Studio, not affiliated with Discord nor Type-Moon in any way.

The owner of the bot may not be made liable for individuals breaking these Terms at any given time. He has faith in the end users being truthfull about their information and not missusing this bot or The Services of Discord Inc in a malicious way.

We reserve the right to update these terms at our own discretion as ./policy.html said.

If you have any questions or suggestions about our ToS, do not hesitate to contact us at or direct mail info@tempbots.xyz.

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